To consumers and end users the cloud services offered by a given cloud define its use. For example one of the most common uses of a cloud is for storage – the backing up of your records or the data on your computers or mobile devices. Why then are the cloud services offered by Xeden unique? Our data storage service is made up of the combination of private and public libraries linked to our Digital Rights Exchange (DRE). Options for cataloging, searching, sorting, copyright and UCC management and methods of conditional access are provided at the same relative cost of other less capable clouds.

The combined cloud services available for your Corner of the cloud from Xeden and its subsidiaries Auricloud and Caits include diverse brand-able options including:

  • • Virtual Television Station
  • • Virtual Radio Station
  • • Media Editing Suites
  • • Global Intercom
  • • Hi-definition Media Channels
  • • Media Libraries with rights clearance
  • • IP Signal routing
  • • Online storyboard and scripting
  • • Live event controls
  • • Inventory tracking
  • • Process tracking
  • • Asset tracking
  • • Compliance management
  • • HIPAA Compliant storage
  • • Advanced CRM
  • • E-Commerce

Here are just a few of the current uses of the Xeden Cloud:

  • • One Corner has a virtual television station and occasionally uses the live event controls to record programming for multiple media channels.

  • • Another Corner has several sibling Corners each with business tracking and CRM maintained by businesses they own. The main Corner then has instant views of their overall business flow.

  • • One organization uses a public library for an extensive knowledge base with conditional access by their clientele.

  • • A master Corner was created where sibling corners can be provided to consumers who desire compliance tracking for their businesses.

  • • Many individuals have Corners to register and monetize their music, artwork, and intellectual properties.