DRE: Digital Rights Exchange

At the heart of all Xeden Clouds is our proprietary "Digital Rights Exchange" (DRE). Basic Xeden DRE accounts are free, and many services use them for login and access. Essentially the Xeden DRE allows for the registration of all digital media regardless of where it is stored and can protect those assets by allowing you to control who has permission under what circumstances to access the registered files or information.

As with all good cloud business models DRE options only incur fees when used. These options include secure online libraries linked to the DRE, copyright and UCC filing, and complete access tracking. Businesses already use the DRE for securely controlling who can view a particular document or complete libraries. The DRE provides a variety of ways to grant access to the registered media by the account holder/registrar. APIs provide access information, grants, and requests to other clouds and storage locations. Additional security is provided when using a Xeden supplied library for data storage. Access tracking and grants of permission even provide HIPPA compliance handling medical records.

Every free DRE account provides a record of all of the grants of access and use given the account holder from other Exchange account holders as well as all grants of access given by this account. This literally becomes a portfolio of all of the grants complete with type and scope of grant and even tracks the legal wording provided with an exchange for as long as the DRE account remains active. Here is a quick overview of the types of options and users of the DRE. Registrars (all DRE account holders)

Registrars are provided the means to register items (Digital Media) and collections of items with the Exchange. This registration includes descriptions of the copyrighted materials as well as descriptions of the types of access and usage rights grants available for that material. Additionally, descriptions of rules that may apply to the handling of these materials such as encryption rules or subscription timeframes are registered. Some Registrar features require an account upgrade.


Any individual or entity that has the ability or need to facilitate transactions related to digital rights exchanges should consider qualifying as a Xeden Exchange Broker. This means; Any E-Commerce portal or website offering music, movies, electronic books, or any other copyrighted media. Owners or managers of digital media collections interested in defining and then tracking the granting and usage of all rights related to their collections. Services providing compulsory use rights granting such as soundtrack music and image inclusion in derivative works. Businesses including hospitality, theaters, and educational facilities that need to supply access-on-demand to digital media. Advertisers and other businesses who sponsor access to digital media for consumers.

Service Providers

The paradigm shift represented by the Xeden Exchange is redefining some existing business models and defining new ones as access across the world's networks of copyrighted materials grows. This world of networks called the 'Cloud' can provide for storage of media that is conditionally accessed through the Xeden verification system. The need to carry with you a physical storage device loaded with a sub-set of your media library is changing. The ability of a third party to provide access to the very media you have access rights to is now possible. That third party is the Xeden approved Service Provider. Innovative new businesses and business models are already emerging due to the enabling nature of the Exchange.