About Xeden

Xeden Cloud Concepts, Inc. (pronounced zē den) was incorporated in order to realize a growing number of opportunities in the field of cloud computing. Key people have brought together their experience and technologies to co-create a unique environment dedicated to emerging cloud computing models. Xeden’s Intellectual Properties (IPs) are comprised of millions of lines of code from the work of hundreds of man-years of effort. Xeden Cloud Concept’s founders have provided exclusive control of this IP to instill a tremendous value in the company.

Xeden’s founders have been at the forefront of cloud computing for several years in their respective positions. With specific expertise in areas of embedded control, media management, Broadcasting, and copyright protection, these founders bring several unique but related cloud computing innovations. Xeden provides two basic categories of cloud concepts; custom designs for preferred clients and specialty designs intended for consumer use. Xeden’s founders made the following prediction over a decade ago; “In the coming years, everyone will be carrying around personal portable digital devices and the sale of media will shift from the physical sale to just the sale of access rights by the copyright holders”. Even Disney has stated that “a new reality in which consumers increasingly rely on computers and cell phones in place of DVD players and TVs could contribute to a shift in what it means for a consumer to own a movie or a TV show, by redefining ownership as access rights, not physical possession”.

Understanding that the presence of an entity that would facilitate the exchange of digital rights would be required in the emerging “Cloud Computing” era, Xeden began work on the world’s first Digital Rights Exchange (DRE) over a decade ago. The DRE design began with an accounting system that would provide the most secure accounts possible for use on private or public networks. With these accounts comes the ability to register any combination of physical and virtual entities that the account holder has legal control over. These entities include creative work efforts such as music, writings, images, intellectual properties that may be copyrighted or patented, and personal properties such as destinations or even medical records. Every person, group, and organization has a collection of these entities!

Background - Consumer’s Perspective
Everyone has experienced purchasing media such as a record, cassette, CD, or DVD only to have it wear out, break, or be stolen. It was not uncommon for a copy or two to be made of the item for backup or use in a portable device. Copies for these uses were deemed legal under the law due to “Fair Use Rights” which are granted to the purchaser by the copyright holder. The nature of Fair Use rights has had to change with the evolution of the media and is, more often than not, ignored or not understood by consumers. Think of the consumer that had purchased a vinyl record, later purchased that album on a CD, and then purchased the same music as a digital download. What if that consumer borrowed a friend’s CD to make a copy of his damaged or lost item. Is that piracy? Do his earlier Fair Use Rights still apply? What happens to these granted rights over time? What happens when the physical medium wears out or is replaced with a digital file? The answer is that, although many granted rights could and should survive both time and technology, they simply have not until now.

Background - Business and Legal Perspective
The proliferation of consumer devices capable of storing and presenting digital media connected to a growing Internet has created a significant problem for this new decade. With every collection of new product offerings come new file formats, compression styles, and attempts to prevent piracy (or at least hold market share). The definition of Fair Use Rights continues to be a moving target. Keeping track of Compulsory Use Rights and license features is increasingly difficult. In fact, most consumers click the “I Agree” button without ever reading the fine print. From the media originators through distribution and retail to the consumer these problems continue to affect everyone.

Digital Rights Exchange in the Cloud
All of the cloud designs developed by Xeden Cloud Concepts have the Digital Rights Exchange at their core. Some clouds may begin using the DRE to simply provide a database of users for that cloud. As the understanding of the DRE grows and the number of businesses and services also grow the use of the DRE by any given cloud will evolve. The nature of the DRE account is such that Xeden will maintain these accounts along with their portfolios as long as requested. In order to provide the ultimate convenience to the account holder, Xeden will manage one account across several clouds, business uses, and applications.