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digital rights exchange Xeden Cloud Concepts is building a global Cloud with many unique capabilities. For instance Xeden was the first to offer consumers and businesses with their own 'Corner™' of the Cloud. Every Corner connects to Xeden's Digital Rights Exchange (DRE) which protects your digital footprint by allowing you to register any of your media assets and personal data as your property and then control who has permission, and under what circumstances it can be accessed. The DRE seamlessly connects with other clouds to offer a variety of services, applications, and other added features. Sign up for your Corner of the Cloud today - its free!

digital rights exchange Auricloud is one of our main integrated account partners using Corners of the Cloud and the DRE to offer a variety of media and data management cloud services. Activating your Auricloud account provides individuals and businesses with their Corner of the Cloud if they don't already have one. Auricloud offers a variety of libraries you can add to your Corner of the Cloud allowing you to manage granting rights to your media, including access to, and the sales or leasing of your content.

digital rights exchange Another interconnected cloud is CAITS, they offer comprehensive asset tracking systems for businesses. Each CAITS account comes with an Auricloud library for storing business data, including sensitive data such as medical, regulated materials, or financial records. Using Xeden's DRE, CAITS accounts have the capacity to securely share financial or medical records in a manner that is HIPAA compliant, thereby facilitating legal exchanges to your personal data.

Xeden is offering free complete clouds within the Xeden Global Cloud for individuals. This is called your
Corner™ of the Cloud

With Xedens connected cloud system you will be able to manage your entire digital footprint from one easy to use account manager.

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